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Yaesu One of the popular names in amateur radio equipment
true CABLE In 2015, we started trueCABLE to shake up an outdated industry. Our simple goal: Deliver the fastest, most reliable low-voltage supplies directly to your door and back it up with stellar customer support. Whether you’re a seasoned installer or a do-it-yourselfer, trueCABLE has what you need, when you need it. While other companies focus on profit, we take pride in our work and focus on customer experience. Feel free to Meet The Team that makes your experience here at trueCABLE easy!
Spiderbeam High quality fiberglass masts for HF antennas
Sotabeams We aim to encourage, support and facilitate all radio amateurs to take their hobby to new places. We will achieve this through specialist advice, training and products.
San Mateo Electronics Established in 1961. San Mateo Electronics has been suppling the Silicon Valley with common & hard to find parts. Whether you're a hobbiest or professional installer/repairman we have the tools and parts to get your job done. Since 1961 we have been your One-Stop-Shop for all your electronics accessory needs. Most people think of us as what Radio Shack, and Fry's Electronics used to be... People looking for : Haltek, HSC Electronic Supply, Halted Specialties, Excess Solution have often found what they are looking for, here at San Mateo Electronic Supply.
samtec Samtec is headquartered in New Albany, Indiana, USA with sales and manufacturing facilities across the globe in essentially every major market. Currently Samtec has over 20 sales locations worldwide and 7 manufacturing locations spread strategically across the globe. This location diversity is part of the Samtec World Direct shipping program which allows extremely fast lead times and a level of service that is unmatched in the industry.
RF Parts Company A source for all things RF
QRPOme A great source for build em yourself radio kits including radios in Tuna Cans and Mint Tins
QRP Labs A source for QRP kits and products.
Powerwerx A source for Anderon powerpole connectors, batteries, chargers, cables and all kinds of things amateur radio Operators love to have
Polycase Electronic enclosures keep your components protected in any environment. Polycase offers an array of electronics boxes and multi-purpose metal and plastic electronic enclosures. Superior materials include high-quality plastic, aluminum, and steel varieties, with indoor and outdoor electronics enclosure options available. From robust NEMA rated enclosures to basic potting boxes, find your perfect fit at Polycase.
Palomar Engineers Palomar Engineers provides a full selection of ferrite products and filters to suppress RFI/EMI interference and broadband noise on electronic equipment from 100 KHz to 1000 MHz. We also manufacture HF antennas and related products including common mode coaxial feed line chokes, coax noise filters, AC/DC interference filters, and broadband impedance transformers used for antenna and transmission line matching.
Mouser Electronics A source for all kinds of electrical equipment parts and supplies
MFJ Enterprises MFJ Enterprises, Inc., was founded in 1972 by Martin F. Jue. The company began operations in a small rented hotel room in the old Stark Hotel in downtown Starkville, Mississippi. The company began marketing its products in October of 1972. The first product was a high selectivity filter that would enable a receiver to separate one Morse code signal from scores of other signals that were being transmitted over the radio airwaves.
McMaster-Carr A source for network cabling and network supplies and tools.
Kenwood A top name for amateur radio equipment
Jameco Electronics- Belmont, Calif Welcome to Jameco Electronics - your one-stop shop for electronic components and power supplies. We have been in business for over 45 years and carry a wide selection of products at great prices. What sets us apart from other electronics stores is our ability to offer a large selection of in-stock items at a fraction of the price of our competitors. Shop our brand-name products as well as our own lines of electronic parts and kits.
ICOM One of the popular names in amateur radio equipment
Ham Radio Outlet In 1971, a California Highway Patrol officer and veteran of the Navy signal corps, who happened to be a ham, came into possession of a little radio emporium on a wooden train platform in Burlingame, CA. Bob Ferrero (Bob), who was then K6AHV and later became W6RJ, was a dedicated California Highway Patrolman. He loved ham radio and was determined to make a go of starting a business selling amateur radio products.
GigaParts A go to source for amateur radio equipment
FlexRadio FlexRadio was the first to introduce a true SDR transceiver to the amateur community that allows the personality, functionality, and performance of the radio to be upgraded through simple software downloads. With the introduction of FlexRadio’s SDR-1000 transceiver and the PowerSDR platform in 2003, we single-handedly changed the course of the ham radio industry. This revolution continues to change the face of amateur radio today through our new software solution aptly named SmartSDR and the new FLEX-6000 Signature Series transceiver line.
Elecraft Founded in 1998, Elecraft offers full-featured transceivers and accessories both as factory-assembled and easy-to-build kits. The latter makes us unique among major ham manufacturers. We can trace our company’s roots back to Field Day – the ultimate proving grounds for radio gear as well as hams themselves. Our design philosophy was clear from the beginning: Our radios would offer both high performance and portability. These two goals have spawned seven complete transceiver product lines. It all began with the K2, a three-pound, all-HF-band, all-mode radio with a traditional desktop form-factor. The K2 achieved wide acclaim from users and testing organizations alike, and is still available today as a full kit, in 10- and 100-watt versions.
DX Engineering From station accessories and antennas to the cable assemblies, clamps, and hardware that bring it all together, DX Engineering products are made without compromise. DX Engineering always uses superior materials and expert engineering.
CWMORSE.US Quality Morse Code Keys, Paddles & Equipment ~ Made InThe USA
Bioenno Power Bioenno Tech, LLC, doing business as Bioenno Power is based in Southern California. Our primary goal is to provide for the commercial market advanced power solutions centered on an advanced Lithium-ion type power unit called Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP). LFP batteries are one of the most advanced forms of Lithium-ion batteries commercially available and offer greatly enhanced characteristics Lead Acid batteries and even other related Lithium based batteries cannot match. Besides LFP, we also provide Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) batteries primarily for high RC model applications. Bioenno Power offers True Lithium Capacity Assurance: no gimmicks, no false advertisement and no nonsense. We take pride in individually inspecting and quality-checking each and every battery when it is stocked into inventory and when it is shipped to our clientele. What you order is what you get.
Baofeng Tech A source for amateur radio operators who are looking for great values
American Morse Equipment Greetings from the shop of American Morse Equipment. My name is Doug Hauff, owner, operator, and chief bottle washer. I studied for but never took my Novice test as a kid, but in the 1990's I got back into radio & got my Novice ticket. The NorCal 49er got me into QRP, and I made my first hogout enclosure for the 49er. I got my General ticket after a bit, then scrambled and got my Extra ticket before the 20 wpm requirement was removed. Meanwhile, I made enclosures for the NorCal 38 Special, Rainbow Tuner, Small Wonder Labs SW series, NorCal 20, Red Hot Radio 40. I also came out with the Straight Key and then the Porta Paddle. The Mitybox for the SWL Rockmite just keeps going. I continue to operate my CNC Machine Shop & work on new designs for Amateur Radio.
Alinco A standard in the amateur radio world for equipment
Ailunce A manufacturer of radios and antennas for amateur radio

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